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    CBD from Organic Hemp 

    Natures Alternative ...

  • CBD grown from Organic commercial Hemp, in Oregon, Colorado, and soon a huge Tennessee supply will be in stock.

    Come see our growing organic cbd inventory...

    CBD Outlet , Cleveland, Tn.

  • CBD including edibles, Flower, Pet and People treats...

    Open 7 days a week!

Green House

«Much of Our hemp is organically greenhouse grown.»

Solar Energy

«Some of our products are cultivated from organic outdoor farms.»


«Low carbon footprint,-That's why we buy local, when we can.»


«We carry a variety of strains for hemp connoisseurs.»

CBD Outlet, Cleveland Tn


We are a Hemp CBD Dispensary, located inside Golden Vapors - Family Owned & Operated, located in Cleveland Tn.

We take pride in our CBD products to ensure a great experience with attention to detail and quality.

All of our CBD is below the state and federal Delta 9 THC level. This being said, we can not guarantee you will pass drug tests on all of our products. Especially the flower. THC is very low, but trace amounts are still present in any of the non-isolate products, like Flower, and full spectrum lines.

CBD pricing varies depending on potency.  Many of our customers tell us how the cheap cbd they got elseware did nothing for them... Sometimes, you get what you pay for... Quality is very important to us. We may not have the cheapest prices, but we do have the top quality cbd products that will deliver as they should. 

Speaking of our cbd prices... Our price on our high quality cbd flower is awesome. We carry several strains of cbd flower from high cbd to very high cbd. And the price is great!
Every customer buying cbd flower will receive it in a heat sealed bag, along with with the lab paperwork.
We suggest not opening it until you are home.

Keep in mind, that cbd flower looks like pot. The police can not tell the difference without testing the THC amounts in a lab. Driving around with open cbd flower could get you arrested, until they complete the lab tests to determin the THC amount.

As we continue to grow our CBD product lines, we intend to lower our pricing, so we can help even more people find the relief they are looking for.
So keep checking in with us, because prices are falling.

Our website is just being built, so look forward to many more pages and a lot more information about our products soon.

Tim LeGrand
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No Web Sales

We do not sell our CBD products on line. There are too many local laws changing all the time, for us to keep up with, so buying in store is all we offer.


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